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What should I prepare before I meet your company’s interior designer?

In an effort to help us create a beautiful and functional space for you, we suggest you start developing a visual reference file of images or items that capture the feeling, colours, textures, and functionality of what you’re trying to achieve.

You can draw design inspiration from many sources such as fashion, art, sports, travel, books, music, stationary, etc. The images you show us don’t have to be pictures of interior spaces. Show us whatever tickles your fancy.

The more meaningful images you can show us the easier it will be for us to understand your preferences and design your unique environment. Have fun compiling your reference file knowing that it will be a valuable tool.

What should I bring to the first meeting for my project?

Spending a little time flipping through magazines is an easy way to find your personal style and get some ideas about colour. Gather magazine pages and photos of certain styles you like, as well as fabrics and colours. Make a separate pile for things you don’t like as well as that will help your designer know what to stay away from. Any additional ideas or questions you have collected, including an estimation of your budget, will make your experience with your Designer more successful.

Can you design any style?

All of our creative Interior Designers are fully qualified to work with all types of styles and design concepts, so that we can provide whatever our clients require. We are professionals with years of experience to meet your various design needs.

What if we don’t like the plan?

Before we start on the design, we will carry out a comprehensive design interview so that we can align with our clients and ensure that we are speaking the same visual language. Doing so can clearly help us to capture your client’s design desire and will definitely result getting really close to your ideal home concept. After the initial presentation and proposal, we always proactively adjust the design with you and make changes so that it is a better fit for your home and your vision. 

What is your interior design and project management process after I appoint you to design and build for my project?

In a typical interior design process, our Interior Designer will have a meeting with you to discuss the project. All aspects and requirements will be discussed and the Designer will then come up with a concept proposal. When this is agreed, our Interior Designer will then work with the various sections such as masons, carpenters, electricians and others who will form the Project Team, to translate the concept into working drawings and finally into reality. Throughout the project, we will regularly update you on the progress as well as meet with you for material selection confirmation or to make any minor changes to the initial design. We maintain a rather flexible process for our clients as we believe each project is unique and there should not be any major constraints to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Do you have a design philosophy?

The characteristic of a good interior design must evoke the desired emotions as well as accommodate the lifestyle of the occupants. Whether it may be the needs of an elderly, the disabled or a young couple with the desire to start a family, our designers make sure they incorporate and meet these needs without compromising on aesthetics.

Do you have a renovation package?

The short answer is no. We believe every home owner’s home aspirations or commercial space requirements are unique. Every project we undertake must take into considerations the occupant’s needs, design preferences, and budget. Hence, we do not want to force a package that will place constraints on the desired outcome. However, do rest assure that our Interior Designers will maintain a high degree of flexibility to build a space that will make you feel you made the right choice in engaging our services.

Can I don’t meet your designers and talk to them only through the phone?

As designs are rather subjective different individual visual preferences, it is impossible to accurately such preference over a telephone conversation. Thus, we strongly encourage our customers to meet us at the first meeting so we will ensure that we will not misunderstand their requirements. Furthermore, a home is an investment that you will be staying in for a considerable amount of time. We wish to also inspire you to entrust us with such a valuable investment through a face-to-face meeting. That way, we can also establish a strong  rapport with you to ensure your home building  journey is a pleasurable one.

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