Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

Why is Lighting so Important?

Lighting is one of the more crucial aspects to consider when designing the interiors of a space. Being an integral part of the interiors, interior designers focus on planning lighting in the very early stages of the project. Good and well-planned lighting can make an average interior look good and a good interior look absolutely great. No matter the amount of money that you spend on your interiors, lighting must always be given a very high priority.

Lighting also influences the way you feel about space on a conscious as well as a subconscious level. Many aspects of lighting such as color or brightness come into play to influence the way you feel. For example in the case of an office, a bright and evenly lit space makes people feel more energetic and positive. The same space if lit dimly or inadequately, can make occupants feel gloomy, depressed and generally unproductive.

Mood and Productivity – Well-planned and good quality lighting has a positive impact on both moods as well as productivity. This is as true in the case of a home as it is in the case of office space and the best interior designers in India always leverage good lighting to achieve a remarkable outcome.

The aim of lighting in a home is to provide an atmosphere that is warm, inviting, productive, flexible and happy. The aim of lighting in an office is to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to productivity, focus and energy.

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